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Our Consultants

Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Gilbert

Shannon leads the business vision and strategy of S&P Advisory Group, LLC. He advises business owners on growth strategy and implementation, leadership and team development, management practices and processes, as well as multi-state development and growth. 

Vice President of Business Development & Capital Markets

Vonezell Pittman

Vonezell advises on business growth strategies and connects individuals and businesses to capital resources and investment opportunities to facilitate funding and business development.

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Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Sturdon

Andrew advises organizations on financial best practices and accountability measures, offering oversight in structuring financial systems, record-keeping, and reporting processes. With a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector, he also offers specialized services and counsel for 501(c)(3) setup and development.

Chief Administrative & Compliance Officer 

Erin Grant

With a background in legal and compliance work in the startup and business development world, Erin advises businesses in the areas of compliance strategy, corporate structure, business organization and development, and process optimization.

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